The Peace Candle
for a New Millennium

(Invitation to continue lighting Peace Candles throughout this Millennium)

Hundreds, thousands or even millions of people worldwide, were gifted with a Peace Candle between 1997-1999 with the invitation, to ultimately light it/them at midnight of 1-1-2000 in the name of World Peace. A letter, which is posted after this message, accompanied usually each Peace Candle, explaining it's origin and intend, as well as encouraged the sharing and give-away of Peace Candles until New Years 1999/2000.

It was such a beautiful way, to put the intend for peace out into the world. Interconnecting with it's sharing friends, strangers, countries and continents all over this wonderful planet Earth. And, with each give-away, offered the opportunity to strengthen the commitment to Peace and the shift of consciousness to the truth of who we are (LOVE) and (Oneness).

Apparently, some people intuitively felt, when lighting their Peace Candle at midnight that New Years, that this was not the end, but that the sharing and lighting of Peace Candles needed to continue throughout the year 2000 and beyond. Becoming more than a "one-time event", a symbol, for the capacities and possibilities of Mind, Heart and Spirit and as a reminder to live Peace each day in our lives.

Peace Candles have continued to be shared intentionally and also unbeknownst to the above. Let's get all the others, who might be interested or have not yet heard of this Peace Candle, involved and become part of it's web of commitment, community and unity. Let's light our Peace Candle(s) throughout the coming years, whenever it calls us, at every full Moon, Solar or Lunar Eclipse, Solstice or Equinox and, whenever there is a Peace meditation or prayer (wherever in the world).

Two people, independently, contacted me, wanting to know, if there is a web-page discussing the results, has current information and answers questions like "Who was the man and is he still alive?" "Can he be reached?" "Is he aware of the impact his work has had on the people who have been touched by his idea?" As far as I know, there exists not such a web site. Therefore, I offer this one, to collect, post and share information and experiences connected to "The Peace Candle".

("The Letter")

    Several years ago in London, a young man named Chris was diagnosed with Leukemia.  His doctor informed him that his death was imminent and he could not expect to live longer than 3 - 6 months. He was advised to go home and make his arrangements.

    Chris went home and completely fell apart for three weeks. When all his anger was spent and he had no more tears left to cry, he began to feel an urgency about making the very best use of the little time he had left. He thought about what Earth needed most and decided, as most people would, that it had to be "World Peace". So he resolved to set about devoting himself  whole-heartedly to this end.

    Possessions no longer were a priority in Chris's life seeing as he would not be needing them after a couple of months, so he sold what few he had and used the money to print leaflets aimed at raising people's  awareness of the need for "World Peace". These he handed out to anyone who would take them on street corners all over London.

    As the medical profession were unable to offer Chris any hope of recovery, he decided to take the matter into his own hands and at least aim for the highest possible quality of whatever life he had left. He saw an advertisement of Reiki and was attuned to levels one and two. This introduced him to an awareness of his spirituality which he keenly pursued.

    Three months passed by, six months passed by, and he was still handing out leaflets. Unfortunately though, his money was running out, so he used the last of his funds to start a small business for himself making candles and painting T-shirts with a "World Peace" logo on them. These sold in street corners to finance the printing of leaflets and to pay for his rent and food.

    One year passed by, two years  passed by, three years passed by and Chris was still handing out leaflets and selling candles and T-shirts. He was at a social event one evening  where he met the doctor who diagnosed his illness three years earlier. The doctor was astounded to see Chris not only alive, but apparently quite well. He convinced Chris to be admitted into hospital for tests and everyone was amazed to find that all traces of leukemia had disappeared!

    Some time passed and the Dalai Lama was visiting London on a lecture tour. Chris went along to hear him speak and afterwards went backstage, explaining his story to the Dalai Lama's helpers, and requested an audience with him the following day. He agreed, so Chris arrived at his appointment with one of his hand made candles. He asked the Dalai Lama, to light his candle and dedicate it to "World Peace" with the idea, that all candles lit from that one, would carry with it his blessing and dedication.

    Chris asks, that  all these candles be re-lighted in the name of "World Peace" at midnight on January 1, 2000.

    By January 1997, thousands of candles had been known to be lit from the original and some were taken to at least five different countries.  By midnight of January 2000, through this story, the flame and all those who came in contact with it, millions of people will be lighting their candles and directing their thoughts and energies to the concept of "World Peace".

    Imagine if you will, the awesome power generated by such an act and the potential positive impact this could have on human kind. Perhaps you have said to yourself "I am only one person - how can my meager efforts possibly make a difference in the scheme of things?". Here is your answer - positive changes on a global level need only require a small effort by individuals and this is your chance to participate - ENJOY!


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